Jnane Sbil Garden

A short walk from Bab Boujouloud you will find Jnane Sbil, the oldest public garden in Fez, a superb green space, which delights young and old alike, set up in the 18th century by Sultan Moulay Abdallah, this beautiful garden stretches over an area estimated at 7 hectares, admirable for the variety of its plant species some of which are very rare, it includes a set of lots: “Andalusian Garden,” “Mexican Garden,” “Bamboo Garden,” streets and norias. In addition to a lake and a flowering star, once a landmark and meeting place for “nationalists”. Suffering from the outrages of time.

Long abandoned, this green space has regained its splendour by benefiting from major rehabilitation works financed by the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment. Opened in June 2010 by its president, Princess Lalla Hasnaa, it opened its doors in 2011.