Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)

As part of the “Compact” (Morocco Employability and Land Compact) programme contract signed by the Moroccan government and its American counterpart represented by the MCC organisation dated 31 August 2007, the fez medina crafts project is one of the 5 projects in this programme. This project aimed at economic growth by strengthening the links between the crafts and tourism sectors and developing the cultural, historical and architectural potential of the Fez medina. An agreement was signed by the Fez CRT with the Ministry of Crafts, the Development Cooperation Agency, the Wilaya of the Fez-Boulemane region, the Municipal Council of the City of Fez, the Municipality of Mechouar Fez Jdid and the Chamber of Crafts of The Fez region, in order to ensure the sustainability of the attractiveness of the tourist tours integrating handicrafts in the city of Fez.